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English Datasystems:

English Datasystems specializes in custom development, data services, eCommerce acquisition and development, SEO Marketing, and other services through one of our many subsidiaries. We manage, build and deploy successful data companies and system architecture that uniquely serves niche markets.

Our Experience Advantage

Our experience building systems in massive infrastructure environments is unmatched.

We are creators. Builders. Engineers.

We have changed and defined many emerging industries, working behind the scenes. We can do the same for you. If your current team has a problem you've been unable to overcome that aligns with any of our core experience, chances are we have exactly the experience you need, and may have already solved it.

eCommerce - 14 years of experience95%
Integrations - 12 years of experience85%
Data Acquisition - 8 years of experience75%
NetSuite - 7 years of experience90%

Amazing Services

Meet our amazing services
  • eCommerce

    Our core focus, and original mission, was improving Magento eCommerce systems across the Internet. Today, we continue our mission in eCommerce by building and customizing all modern eCommerce systems, as well as acquiring and revitalizing struggling eCommerce properties.

  • Integrations

    With our long history in building and maintaining eCommerce systems, we have gained invaluable experience integrating large, complex systems across all types of infrastructure. Through our subsidiary Mage Life, we build and design custom integrations to move data between large proprietary systems.

  • Data Acquisition

    On of our core focuses for many years, Data Acquisition has been a massive and growing industry. Corporations increasingly need data of all kinds, collected and warehoused from abundant sources on the Internet. As the Internet grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep tabs on information. Finding and collecting this data is one of our core business models.

  • Custom Development

    Our history of customization has allowed us to build a business around developing customized systems to meet a variety of business needs. We have a core team of developers experienced in green field development, and can create new systems that immediately meet MVP needs of any business case in less time.

  • NetSuite

    Experience with integrations and eCommerce systems pulled us into a unique and valuable niche: NetSuite customization and development. As a growing niche service, one of our subsidiaries, NetSuiteHelp, was built from the ground up to provide a needed service to businesses struggling to find experienced NetSuite developers. We don't just contract experienced NetSuite personnel; we create them for you.

  • SEO Marketing

    An early part of our core eCommerce business, SEO continues to remain as relevant today as it was when it first emerged. We have built a positive, effective SEO system that we market through our eCommerce subisdiary MageLife to bring businesses a massive eCommerce advantage.

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